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Stephanie Cave joins the lab

Stephanie Cave joins the lab as a Research Professional. Stephanie will conduct experiments and take charge or organizing different aspects of our overall research operation. Welcome!

Emily speaks at Eukaryotic Pathogen Meeting at Clemson University

Emily Meyers gives a talk about her undergraduate research on the trehalose pathway of Cryptosporidium at Clemson. Emily's talk is part of a two day conference organized by the Eukaryotic Pathogens Innovation Center (EPIC) at Clemson. The work presented is s a collaboration with postdoc Mattie Pawlovic.

Gates Foundation Grand Challenge Exploration Award for natural crypto mouse model

This collaboration between the University of Georgia and the National Institutes of Health will establish a natural infection model in laboratory mice. This experimental system is based on a new parasite strain that the UGA team isolated from ‘wild’ mice, capable of infecting mice with a normal immune system. The NIH team has conducted pioneering work to understand how the bacterial communities that naturally colonize the intestine influence infection and immunity during cryptosporidiosis. Together UGA and NIH researchers will investigate the complex interactions of parasite, host and gut microbiome. See press release

New NIH RO1 project to unravel Crypto lifecycle

We are grateful to the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for a new five year $1.25M grant to fund our research on "Sexual Development of Cryptosporidium". In this project we will use molecular genetics to understand the sexual part of Cryptosporidium's lifecycle. To our surprise we can observe the formation of gametes in tissue culture and they show fascinating cell biology. We are truly excited about the fundamental and translational opportunities of this work.

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