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Boris and other members of the lab contribute to UGA undergraduate and graduate classes and the 'Biology of Parasitism' course at the Marine Biological Laboratories  in Woods Hole, MA.
CBIO 8500, Biology of Parasitism


Parasites are fascinating scientific models, and we will discuss parasitism on the cell and molecular level. Parasites have also proven to be formidable challenges to drug and vaccine development. Why is this, and how might recent advances in parasite cell biology, biochemistry and genomics help to overcome these challenges? The class will meet every week for two lectures and a seminar presenting original papers. Lecturers will include faculty from UGA's Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases (CTEGD) the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and additional speakers.There are no pre-requisites and (graduate) students with interest in the molecular biology of infectious diseases without prior training in parasitology are welcome.

CBIO4990, The Cellular Biology of Infection


This senior seminar explores the cell and molecular processes of infection using the primary research literature. Each session we will discuss an important paper to understand the findings as well as the methods, context, and strength and limitation of the study.

CBIO4500/6500, Medical Parasitology


The parasites covered in this course are responsible for classical tropical as well as for emerging opportunistic infections here in the US. You will be introduced to many principles of parasitology, in most cases illustrated with medically important species. We will discuss the basic biology, biochemistry and genetics of parasites and their vectors, along with information on epidemiology, control, prevention and treatment of the diseases they cause.

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