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Mattie speaks at Wellcome Centre in Glasgow

Dr. Mattie Pawlovic will present an invited talk on her research on Cryptosporidium at the 4th Young Investigator Symposium at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology in Glasgow. Mattie will also visit our friends & collaborators at the University of Dundee for a seminar.

Boris teaches at MeBoP in Bern

The brainchild of Lilach Sheiner and Omar Harb the Middle Eastern Biology of Parasitism course is a great venue for science and understanding. A great course, fantastic students, cool science, and great interactions. Could not be more timely in a year that is marred by less and less understanding and engagement. Boris congratulates Lilach and Omar and all the students for smarts and openness. Check out at the course at the MeBop twitter feed and their web site.

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